How to Write a Science Thesis or Dissertation

Regardless of prior writing experience, academic writing can be daunting task for students as it consumes time and effort to write 100- or 300-pages long thesis or dissertation respectively. Graduate students, when they are free of conducting experimentation and analysis, are clueless about writing thesis and sometimes all the effort waste when thesis got rejected.

Rejection doesn’t matter but everyone should know the art of writing which comes with experience. Thesis or dissertation is written to highlight a problem in society and giving a solution to it that will be practically implemented. If you are a beginner and looking for thesis or dissertation writing tips, then you are at right place. Being an expert in thesis writing, I will suggest you some steps that will help you in writing the thesis.

Step # 1: Start with methodology

Some students find easy to start with materials and methods. It consists of all the techniques and tools used for conducting research. This part highlight how and what type of research is, is it qualitative or quantitative? What parameters you have selected for study? How many participants you have covered while addressing the solution? so on.

Step # 2: Follows to result and Discussion

After methodology, I will recommend you to write results and discussion. They are often confused with each other however, there is clear distinction between them. Result section highlight the outcomes or findings of your experiment. The language needs to be simple and clear. You can use different charts, graphs, figures and other graphical representation to display the results.

Discussion is based on interpretation of your results in which you will discuss whether your results are in support of your hypothesis or not. The goal of this section is show limitation and future recommendation of the study.

Step # 3: Write the abstract

Abstract is the summary of all your thesis which includes few introductory lines of background knowledge of problem, summary of methodology, results and significance of conducting the study. A well-written abstract is necessary as reader is interested to get an idea of what, why and how research is conducted. Being able to know the background knowledge of the topic, you will be capable to write the abstract however, don’t finalize it. You must need to edit and recheck it again writing full thesis because it is important part of it.

Step # 4: Move to Introduction

Some people combine introduction with literature review while some not. Its may be your choice or requirement of university. Introduction section state the information of the topic, why this topic is selected and its significance. The goal of this part is to highlight the problem and questions related to it. More importantly, you need to write hypothesis at the end of the introduction in which the objective of study is explained. This part require citation so it should be written properly.

Step # 5: Literature review; a tough job

Literature review is often seeming to be difficult part of thesis or dissertation and yes, it is true. It is difficult but if you have strong skills in researching and brainstorming ideas then you don’t have to worry about. You can write it after or before introduction, that’s totally up to you. This section holds important relevancy in establishing the links between previous and current study and also to your hypothesis and questions with citation added in reference section.

Rules to follow

Now you have idea of how to write thesis or dissertation but some follows should be learn by heart to promptly go through things:

  • Ask help from any senior or your supervisor to get feedback. Discussion opens new doors to see things from different perspective.
  • Don’t finalize the written document first time. Edit and proofread again and again to make perfect master piece.
  • Make sure to do in depth research and structure your ideas before starting to write.
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