Simple Guide to Master’s Thesis Writing

Are you excited to start your master’s journey? Well, why wouldn’t you. Getting a higher education degree will always be good for career and to secure job in competitive market. Even today having a master degree is not a big deal because now companies demand both academic and industry skills to excel in job career. Internship or field experience can also be gain via connection or references however a good thesis can only done by university because they have funding from organizations and also offer facilitate to students to do good research. Let’s dwell our thoughts in defining thesis and tips to work on it.

Thesis: a door to research

Thesis is an academic paper where a student has to address a problem and invest his time and effort in finding the solution or inventing a new product to overcome it. It is necessary for both master and doctorate students to finish and submit thesis or dissertation respectively. Every department has their own criteria for thesis so better to check them before starting work on it.

Significance of thesis

Most of students consider thesis useless and futile because they thought it don’t have any practical implementation. Sometime, a thesis can be remained theoretical but if you really want to publish or implement your thesis then build a model to reach the audience and elaborate in interesting way that how much bigger the problem can be in future and actions must be taken to resolve it.

Now explore start up pack to work on thesis:

1. Choose your thesis topic

Writing a thesis is not a problem until and unless you have a very fascinating topic to discuss about. To engage your reader till the end, you need to select a topic that appeals to reader and should be trendy. Your topic should have following qualities to be consider it a thesis topic:

  • It should be thought provoking.
  • Offer new insight
  • Have data available on it but some of its puzzle is yet to be resolved.
  • Provide new opportunities
  • Should be innovative and excited

2. Prepare your mind early

Being a master’s student, you have already prepared your mind to work on thesis and might have already start working on it. Still if you are beginner and unfamiliar of the research and thesis, they you should consider these points.

  • Look for sample of template
  • Ask senior, friend or supervisor to assist you in thesis
  • Note down small details of experiment
  • Don’t write everything in the thesis and don’t exclude important details. Keep a balance here.
  • Know what your supervisor and committee expectations

3. Make a habit of reading

Working on thesis is not all about analysis and experimentation. You need to develop routine of reading papers and books. Thesis is all persuading your reader that hypothesis and opinion is strong enough to overpower previous researches. Good ideas can be circulating in your mind if you read and write. Note down the journal detail and save it for later use.

4. Good research skills

Search is done when you want to read superficially about a topic or glance a topic. But re-search is done when you read the topic in detail and comes up with your research problem. To solve this research problem, you need to develop a hypothesis or research questions which serves as a base to thesis. Researching those articles and books and building a bibliography will show that you have taken data from credible source.

5. Follow timetable

Thesis experimentation and write up is not done in month or a week. Plan a schedule where you can write your tasks on daily and monthly basis. Create small milestones that can be achievable. Also take rest and maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay on track.

6. Writing of thesis

When you are finish with reading, experimentation, and results, it is time to start write up. Thesis or dissertation consist of following chapters and each chapter exhibit different information

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature review
  4. Method
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion

Divide task of writing thesis in small section and write one or two pages daily. Don’t use complex language in write up and proofread it to omit any mistakes.

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